Qs for using iGrab Downloader

Q. How to use the application?
A. Use the following link. Tutorial #1 Tutorial #2 Tutorial #3 Tutorial #4 Tutorial #5

Q. Orders is good only for 1 machine. What will happen if my machine broke down or lost and I have remaining downloads?
A. You can transfer your Orders to your new machine. Just give us your old account id which is included to your activation mail and new account id.

Q. How do you deduct Download credit?
A. 1 successfully downloaded file is equivalent to 1 download credit.

Q. Can I transfer my Order?
A. Yes. you can transfer your Orders only if something happen on your current machine.

Q. Why your Exe file detected as malware or virus?
A. Because it has protection mechanism. To protect our intellectual property. Our Exe file is 100% guaranteed safe. If your Antivirus detect it as malware just add it to your folder or file exception list.

Q. What is the limitation of Trial period?
A. Trial period only have 8 free downloads.

Q. Can I use Virtual Machine in iGrab?
A. Yes, however some of this VM causing lost of account everytime the VM is shutdown or restart or change something in the setting like adjustment of memory or CPU (This is a rare case). So we recommend to pause or hibernate the vm to avoid this problem.

Q. How to Order so I can download more videos?
A. Go to this link How to Order?. Make sure all information is correct to avoid approval delay.

Q. How many hours I need to wait before my order become active after payment?
A. Our verification of payment is currently in HongKong Time 10am to 12am if your in different timezone give us allowance of maximum or less than 12 hours so we can verify your payment in Paypal. If you are in the same timezone verification can take only minutes upon payment.

Q. How do I know if my order is already active?
A. You will receive an email notification that your order is already approved with transaction receipt. you can follow-up your order by email.

Q. Will I able to avail or buy different kind of orders?
A. Yes, your remaining download will carry over to your next order.

Q. Can I reverse my payment?
A. If your order is already active and approve you cannot reverse your payment.

Q. I already made a payment but I still can't use the application.
A. Fill up the transaction form in the application Home > Transaction so you can activate your Order.

Q. I have suggestion, comments, feedback and issues/bugs. Where can I contact you?
A. Go to this link Contact

Q. I want to add more websites in your application to download my favorite videos.
A. Go to this link Request

Q. How to prevent my account from being ban in Premium Websites like Pluralsight, Udemy, CBTnuggets etc...?
1. We have Anti-Ban features for this websites. In default this is disabled. You need to enabled it to prevent from account or IP ban. We also recommend download by Random Timer and set it to 5 to 10 minutes.
2. Do not Queued or Search too many courses in a small period of time.
3. We do recommend to search and download atleast 1 course at a time on each website and wait to finish download before searching and downloading another course.
4. Make sure you are decided to download the course before searching it to prevent multiple request from those Website.

Q. I cant download videos using your application because I see white or blank page in iGrab Browser when logging in my Account?
A, IE 9 or latest version is required. Make sure you run our application as administrator. If you still encounter the issue run BrowserEmulation.reg inside iGrab Folder.