Note: If you encounter error during update try to uninstall the existing iGrab application and Install the latest installer HERE.

11/26/2015 - v2.8.0
  - Fixed Free Website and Premium Website
  - Fixed IPExpert Moved to RTMP Website
  - Fixed RTMP Porttester
  - Fixed Movie4k Downloader
  - Udemy Documents download is now Supported
  - Added New RTMP Website
  - Added New Supported Website
  - Added New Supported Website
  - Added New Supported Website
  - Added New Features M3U8 Downloader (Existing users need to download latest installer in our website to use this feature)

8/10/2015 - v2.7.9
  - Added
  - Added
  - Added in RTMP Downloads
  - Added
  - Fixed Udemy
  - Fixed VK Music Login
  - Fixed TrainSimple Login
  - Fixed BrowserEmulation for Windows 10. If you still encounter blank page when connecting or logging-in to supported website using iGrab Browser you can manually install this by running BrowserEmulation.reg inside iGrab Folder

7/8/2015 - v2.7.8
  - Support Download Youtube Playlist
  - Added
  - Added

5/12/2015 - v2.7.3
  - Fixed Settings
     - Fixed Download By Sequence Save Settings 
     - Fixed Download By Timer Save Settings
  - Added Download by Random Timer

5/8/2015 - v2.7.2
  - Fixed download
  - Fixed download
  - Fixed Music Tab
  - Added
  - Added
  - Added Courses
  - Added Screencasts

5/4/2015 - v2.7.1
   - Fixed Pluralsight download for some courses.
   - Fixed Pluralsight exercise files. If you have queued items in download you need to delete and re-add it for pluralsight download
   - Fixed Udemy download.

4/29/2015 - v2.7.0
   - New Payment Method (CostPerPeriod) for only $0.05/dl more detail Here
   - Fixed stack downloads when internet connection got disconnected.
   - Resume downloads when internet connection got disconnected.
   - Added Download Limit Speed in Home > Settings to control your bandwidth.
   - Fixed some premium website downloads.

4/13/2015 - v2.6.12
   - Fixed Application crash bug.
   - Fixed some premium website downloads.
   - Fixed Server Timer bug.

4/8/2015 - v2.6.12
   - Fixed Common Bugs from previous version
   - Enhanced security.

03/28/2015 - v2.6.10
   - Fixed Movie Tab Search Bug
   - Fixed Message box expiration upon downloading.
   - Added in RTMP Website.
   - Added in RTMP download.

03/20/2015 - v2.6.9
   - Fixed TeamTreeHouse Download
   - Fixed Module Subfolders for Supported Websites.

03/13/2015 - v2.6.7
   - Fixed Account Expiration Bug

03/13/2015 - v2.6.5
   - Added
   - Added
   - Added
   - Added
   - Added
   - Added
   - Added
   - Added
   - Added
   - Added 
   - Added
   - Added
   - Added google video
   - Added
   - Added
   - Added
   - Added
   - Added
   - Added
   - Added
   - Added
   - Added
   - Added
   - Added
   - Added
   - Added
   - Added
   - Added
   - Added
   - Added
   - Added
   - Added

03/05/2015 - v2.6.2
   - Added
   - Added
   - Reduced Application Memory Consumption 
   - Fixed MicrosoftVirtualAcademy download bug
   - Fixed CBTNuggets Chapter 1 video download when Nugget Lab is downloading.
   - Fixed Pluralsight Chapter 1 video download when Exercise File is downloading.

02/27/2015 - v2.6.1
   - iGrab is now downloading Udemy HD Videos
   - fixed CBTNuggets download bug
   - fixed Tutsplus download bug
   - fixed Teamtreehouse download bug
   - fixed Learnable download bug
   - Added - Supported new videos from coursera website learn page
   - Revised to 

02/21/2015 - v2.6
   - Fixed Queued All button for CBTNuggets Nuggetlab and Pluralsight Exercise file.
   - Movie4k Downloader : Replace Grab Movies to Grab Movie4k. Watch and download movies in movie4k without annoying ads

02/18/2015 - v2.5.21
   - Fixed CBTNuggets Nuggetlab Download
   - Fixed Pluralsight Exercise File Download
   - Fixed Login Page Upon connection

02/16/2015 - v2.5.18~20
   - Users can now download videos from different supported website at the same time.
   - Move timer ticks in the grid time/timeleft column
   - Fixed CBTNuggets download.
   Fixed Lynda download.
   - Fixed Coursera download.
   - Fixed Session Expired bug. Do not login your account in any browser or machine if iGrab is downloading. Some supported website doesnt allow multiple logins in different browser or machine. It will terminate your session in iGrab and you cant download any video once the session is expired.
   - Fixed bugs from previous version.

02/03/2015 - v2.5.15
   - Fixed subcription expiration bug.
   - Blocked all temporary email address.
   - Some enhancement on Downloads.
   - Fixed bug on stacked downloads.

01/26/2015 - v2.5.14
   - Fixed constant disconnection from the server.
   - Fixed saving of download list  when application is closed.

01/15/2015 - v2.5.13
   - Fixed bugs from previous version.

12/19/2014 - v2.5.12
   - Fixed minor bugs from previous version.
   - Server connection problem fixed. Uninstall your current iGrab application and delete iGrab folder in program files then Download and install the latest installer HERE

12/19/2014 - v2.5.11
   - Added Video Tutorial Menu.

12/19/2014 - v2.5.10
   - Fixed minor bugs from previous version.

12/19/2014 - v2.5.9
   - Fixed minor bugs from previous version.

12/11/2014 - v2.5.8
   - Added Exercise File for Plus Member in
   - Added Nugget Lab in
   - Fixed minor bugs from previous version.

12/03/2014 - v2.5.7
   - Fixed Download Bug
   - Fixed Download Bug.

11/28/2014 - v2.5.6
   - Added Referral Information in Transaction Form so even the subscription/trial period is expired user can see the referral points and referral information
   - Fixed Download Bug
   - Fixed Download Bug.

11/19/2014 - v2.5.5
   - Added Referral System (Refer more friends to earn points. 10pts = Free Annual Subscription! )
   - Added Premium website
   - Added Premium website
   - Added Free website
   - Added
   - Added
   - Added OnePiece.Tv.

11/13/2014 - v2.5.4
   - Fixed Udemy downloads.
   - Fixed Pluralsight downloads.
   - Added automated ticket email if user failed to grab videos in supported/premium websites.

11/6/2014 - v2.5.3
   - Fixed CBTNuggets downloads.
   - Fixed resend activation code.
   - Added new movies

10/24/2014 - v2.5.2
   - Queued Multiple course is now enabled on premium websites.
   - Fixed activation bug.

10/10/2014 - v2.5.1
   - Added Resume download even closing the application.
   - Fixed Download Bug when course is finished in premium website.
   - Added new movies.

10/7/2014 - v2.5
   - Added New Website
   - Fixed Coursera Download Bug.
   - Fixed CBTNuggets Download Bug.
   - Fixed InfiniteSkills Download Bug.
   - Changed Paypal TransactionDate in Transaction Form
   - Added Retry Download Button. User can now retry if download failed.

09/30/2014 - v2.4.9
   - Fixed Pluralsight download.
   - Added new RTMP website
   - Fixed minor bugs from v2.4.7.
   - New Movies Added.

09/29/2014 - v2.4.8
   - Fixed CBTNuggets error 404 page not found when downloading.
   - Added connect to website when searching courses.
   - Fixed minor bugs from v2.4.6.
   - Changed Secure Website text to RTMP Website.

09/26/2014 - v2.4.7 Emergency Patch
   - Fixed Download Issues.

09/25/2014 - v2.4.6
   - Enhanced software update functionalities.
   - Fixed iGrab Updater Bug.

09/12/2014 - v2.4.5
   - Fixed CBTNuggets Download.
   - Update IGrab Browser.
   - Fixed minor issues and bugs.
   - Added New Movies.

09/12/2014 - v2.4.4 Emergency Patch
   - Fixed missing website after account activation.
   - Removed resume download when application is closed due to invalid request header from supported website.
   - Added test grab videos from URL Sample if user URL grab failed.

09/11/2014 - v2.4.3
   - Added new premium website
   - Change download duration timeout period from 1 minutes to 5 minutes
   - Fixed Security Download Bug
   - Fixed Email Notification Bug

09/5/2014 - v2.4.2
   - Added new premium website 
   - Fixed Resume download bug
   - Fixed Output folder Setting bug
   - Fixed Proxy Setting bug
   - Changed some Error message typo's
   - Added Go to Output Folder Function on all Tabs

08/29/2014 - v2.4.1
   - Added tutorial in the status bar.
   - Added more restriction in browser.
   - Fixed minor bugs and typos.
   - No need to restart application upon activation.
   - New Movies Added .

08/19/2014 - v2.4
   - Removed automatic browser close. If the user already logged-in the supported website browser just click "Im already Logged-in" button
   - Fixed downloads.
   - Fixed TOR and VPN connection. Anti-IP ban.
   - Remove Website Credentials Panel. Include it in Navigation Side Bar.
   - Enhanced browser login.
   - New Movies Added.

08/14/2014 - v2.3.9
   - Fixed minor issues on video download.
   - Put instruction on how to correctly login in the website using igrab browser.
   - Fixed Music download.
   - Fixed typo on version info.

08/13/2014 - v2.3.8
   - Fixed Pluralsight login . All users must use Pluralsight Beta = ON to be able to get videos from the website.
   - Revised Proxy Server Settings Logic. Application will now automatically detect if user computer is connected 
    to proxy server. If not user will not force to setup the proxy settings.

08/12/2014 - v2.3.7
   - Fixed minor issues from the last version.

08/11/2014 - v2.3.6
   - Fixed minor bugs.
   - Login directly from the Browser.
   - Removed Credential form. User can now login directly from the website and browser.
   - Fixed disconnection bug that cause application crash.

07/24/2014 - v2.3.5
   - Fixed Udemy Download
   - Fixed Lynda Download
   - Fixed Coursera Download
   - Fixed CBTNuggets Download
   - Fixed BleachGet Download
   - Fixed NarutoGet Download
   - Fixed FairyTail.Tv Download
   - Fixed DbzTv Download
   - Fixed WatchOP Download
   - Remove Stop Download button - Just Pause the download and delete the items you want to remove
   - Anti-IP BAN option if you're IP is banned in some of our supported website use VPN or TOR in Home > Settings

07/18/2014 - v2.3.4
   - Fixed Splash Form Bug
    - Fixed Registration Bug.

07/18/2014 - v2.3.3 ( User must uninstall the old version and download/install the latest v2.3.3version in the download section )
   - Added Enable Queued Multiple Courses
    - Fixed Download Bugs.
    - Fixed Application Crash.
    - Reduce Program Initialization Time.
   - Added Anti-IP Ban Function (Connect using VPN or TOR)

    - Added automatic check if application needs to be reinstall or update.

07/04/2014 - v2.3.2 ( User must uninstall the old version and download/install the latest v2.3.2 version in the download section )
   - Fixed download restriction for Pluralsight / CBTNuggets / Lynda / Teamtreehouse to download single course at a time per supported website
    - Added automatic check if application needs to be reinstall or update.

   - Fixed Soundcloud Download bug
    - Fixed Account Activation bug
    - Added restriction for Pluralsight / CBTNuggets / Lynda / Teamtreehouse to download single course at a time 
       to prevent multiple request from the supported website server that also cause of ban accounts and IP.
    - Fixed delete download bug
    - Fixed minor issues and bugs.

06/25/2014 - v2.2.2
   - Fixed Music Download minor bugs
    - Fixed Manga Download minor bugs
    - Added
    - Added
    - Added

06/09/2014 - v2.2.2
   - Download your favorite music in iGrab!
    - Added music in library
    - Movies can now be downloaded and play. <must have VLC installed> 
    - Fixed update website credential bug.
    - Fixed movie image bug.

05/22/2014 - v2.2.2
   - Fixed save settings bug issue. 

05/20/2014 - v2.2.2
   - Fixed downloading bug issue.  <Index  - 1 does not have a value>

05/19/2014 - v2.2.2
    - Added manga downloader. Check Grab Manga Online Tab. Grab your favorite manga using iGrab! 
    - Added manga library. Check Library Tab.
    - Added watch movies using iGrab. Check Watch Videos Online Tab <double click on the Movie Title>.  NO Annoying ADS! Must have VLC installed.
    - Added automatically save settings and save output folder.
    - Added automatically save queued and resume downloads even you exit the application.
    - Added automatically login to supported websites upon opening of the application.
    - fixed lynda downloader bug
    - fixed teamtreehouse downloader bug
    - fixed cbtnuggets duration bug
    - fixed teamtreehouse downloader bug

05/02/2014 - v2.1.4
    - Added

04/25/2014 - v2.1.3
    - Added in Supported Website. Note: (Make sure you are enrolled in the course before downloading just like Udemy.)
    - Updated FAQ. Read carefully.
    - Fixed authorization issue. Note: (If you encounter Login Server is busy when grabbing videos try it again.)
    - Reduce Network request on all supported Websites.
    - Added Warning message when Anti-Ban Feature is disabled.
    - Enhanced Anti-Ban Feature.

04/11/2014 - v2.1.2
    - CBTNuggets moved to Supported Website. You can now download videos at one click without downloading the videos one by one.
    - Added features to change Output Directory via Home > Settings. 
              How to Use:
               Step 1. You need to Download Pluralsight videos and you want to save it on X:\ Drive. 
                        2. Before searching the course go to Home > Settings and change the Output Directory.
                        3. Go back to Search Videos 
                        4. Start searching videos.
                        5. Once you finished searching queued the videos you want to download.
                        6. Next you want to download CBTNuggets videos and you want to save it on Y:\Drive. Repeat Step2.

04/08/2014 - v2.1.2
    - Fixed grabbing videos from
    - Fixed saving credential bug
    - Added Website 

04/07/2014 - v2.1.2
    - Added Anti-Ban Feature. On default this is enabled. You can change this option in Home > Settings. (Only applicable to Pluralsight, Udemy, and
      This anti-ban feature will depend on the Course Chapter Duration. The next video will start downloading after the 1st Chapter duration end. With this your account is more secure to Website IP or Account Ban.
                Lets say Chapter 1 has 3 minutes duration and Chapter 2 has 5 minutes duration. Chapter 2 will start downloading after 3 minutes.
    - Fixed Bug on Library.
    - Fixed Bug on Secure Downloads
    - Fixed minor issue on Computer DateTime.
    - Added following Website:
   ( Yes! this is a PORN Site Download videos without account.)
   (Secure Downloads)

03/17/2014 - v2.0
    -Enhanced user interface.
    -Enhanced installation procedure.
    -Added Video Library.
    -Fixed minor issue on DateTime.
    -Free subscription will have 10 free download for 1 day. We noticed that some users abuse the 1 day free subscription account and keep creating another one. If you like the application please subscribe for it.

03/01/2014 - v1.06
    -Fixed Error String was not recognized as DateTime.
    -Increase Asynchronous download item from 2 to 100. (Do not use this on pluralsight and lynda if you dont want to get ban. Use sequence or timer download set atleast 3-5 minutes interval. Go to Application > settings.)
    -Increase download timeout from 30 secs to 5minutes just in case you have intermittent connection.
    -Fixed Sequencial Download Timeout Issues.
    -Fixed annoying popup balloon when minimized to tray. Should appear only once.
    -Added some minor enhancement on UI button restriction.

02/17/2014 - v1.05
    -Grab your favorite Anime using iGrab!!!
        - Added (1)
        - Added (1)
        - Added FairyTail.Tv (1)
        - Added DBZ.Tv (1) - Dragon Ball Z
        - Added (1) - One Piece
        - Added (1)
        - Added (1)  - See in secure website tab must have credential
    -Fixed Pluralsight Timeout issues and No authorization issues.
    -Fixed string is not valid time issues

02/17/2014 - v1.04
    -Added option to automatically shutdown when download finished. Go to Application > Settings > Check Shutdown when download finished.
    -Added option to minimized the program in system tray. Go to Application > Minimize to Tray
    -Added download status notification in system tray.
    -Fixed datetime issues for different system culture settings.
    -Fixed datetime cache when logging in the system.

02/17/2014 - v1.03
    -Fixed reverse order downloads
    -Secure Website grab videos on demand
    -Enhanced download speed.
    -Reduce wait time for trial user from 5minutes to 3minutes
    -Reduce Lifetime Subscription Price to $68.88!!
    -Reduce Annual Subscription Price to $29.99!!

02/12/2014  - v1.02
    - Added new website (
    - Fixed subscription bug.
    - Fixed securewebsite bug.

02/07/2014  - v1.01
    - Fixed &
    - Fixed High CPU Consumption
    - Added new website (, FunnyorDie,,
    - Moved Download by Sequence and Timer options to Settings Menu.

02/05/2014  - v1.00
    - Official Software Release!